Wavy waters

As weeks went on, I uncovered a few new discoveries. However, after each treatment plan I found myself in the same spot. I was riding the waves, every new result seemed like the solution, bringing me so much hope. Unfortunately, after a few weeks my health would come crashing back down. Leaving me again, washed up on shore.

On Top of a Wave

As I uncovered more and more, the situation seems to gain in complexity. Initially, I ordered a food sensitivity test, which came back with “reactions” to 27 foods which I consumed on a pretty regular basis. Although these tests are not known to be overly accurate, I was desperate an answer. I immediately cut the foods that were causing a reaction and substituted with other healthy foods.

Sensitivities test results

Riding the Waves

For the next six weeks this seemed to be the answer. I no longer felt sick after I ate, my joint pain weakened and I felt more energized. I seemed to be feeling much better until all my symptoms returned even more intensely. The wave came crashing down washing me back up onto shore.

It was at this point when I first experienced the feeling of being stuck. I suddenly began swelling after eating the foods that came up in the green. I was experiencing such bad joint pain and fatigue that I began hating and dreading going for a run. suddenly, my usual favorite part of my day, became something I simply had to “get through”. This was the first time, I no longer felt like myself.

After a few weeks of my symptoms getting worse and worse, I ended up going to see a doctor who specialized in functional medicine. Again, I began to ride to the top of the wave. My symptoms drastically improved on a detox to rid of fungal and bacterial overgrowth manifested in the gut. These infections are known as Candida and SIBO.

The next 6 months my life felt like a pattern of waves. I would spend about 2 weeks riding to the top, 3 weeks at the peak of the wave, until the last week when I would come crashing back down, being once again washed up onto shore.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”


For two weeks, the doctors would put me on a detox for both Candida and SIBO. These detoxes consisted from treatments such as an array of different supplements to a four day fast. In addition, the initial onset of every detox created an intensifying of all my symptoms known as the “die off phase”. However, for three weeks after the detox, my symptoms always seemed to drastically improve, tricking myself into believing this was the full answer. Unfortunately, I continued to believe this was the solution to all my syptoms until I was on my sixth round of detoxing. I knew, gut infections such as SIBO and Candida had a tendency to come back, however, as time went on I was getting worse and worse. I knew there had to be an underlying reason for my susceptibility to getting these infections. Despite my realization, I continued to ride the waves as they got larger and larger.


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