Red sky morning

Weeks prior to my anaphylactic episodes I was given a warning. A warning that I chose to ignore. During the recently passed summer I had met a girl who was going through similar situations to my own. Throughout the months, we had communicated on a daily basis being each other’s support system. As my symptoms became worse and my reactions were increasing I explained my panic of feeling as if I was allergic to the world. This is when she told me about MCAS. She told me I should try a low histamine diet because it had helped her so much. I should have listened much earlier but I was in denile. I didn’t believe I had MCAS. I still believed whatever was going on was a quick fix.

It wasn’t until I started reacting to my “safe” foods that I decided to listen. I implemented a low histamine diet and saw some improvement. Not a ton, but definately a noticable difference. This was when we made an appointment to see an MCAS specialist at the Cleveland clinic.

Leading up to this appointment I was under the belief that if this was the diagnosis, there would be smooth sailing from here on out. However I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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