Strength in the Storm

I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. However, there has been countless times this year when I have questioned if this was even true. As I treaded into what felt like deeper and deeper waters, I began to feel as if I was being punished by the universe. Over these past few weeks however, I have noticed a major change and for the first time in a year and a half I am thankful for the storm that has been sent my way.

Sure, in many aspects of my life, my independence has been taken away, there has been times this year when I have had to depend on others because I wasn’t capable of doing certain things that a 19-year-old should be able to accomplish. Losing my sense of independence initially left me feeling as though I had a gap but the unexpected life lessons, I gained taught me more about becoming an adult than any aspect that was taken from me (for a short time) would have.

Looking back, I now realize that what I valued and prioritized a year and a half ago wasn’t reflecting upon what really mattered in life. For the countless times that I have showed anger toward this storm, I am finally understanding that maybe this storm wasn’t sent to disrupt my life but merely clear my path. Throughout this past year, I have learned who is truly there for me, how to accept myself and be okay if I am not liked by everyone, how to advocate for myself, and most importantly, I have gained empathy, understanding that everyone has a storm that you know nothing about. As painful as this year has been at times, I am starting to see that this storm was placed in my life to open my eyes and help me begin to understand things from a new level of maturity.

I never thought there would be a day where I could say I am thankful for what has gone on over the past year and a half, but here we are 😊 It has been a crazy journey and although I am not quite there yet, I have hope now, more than ever that I am so close to the calm waters. I can now say, that I really do believe everything happens for a reason and strength really can be found in the storm.

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